Security engineer

We are seeking an engineer / consultant to work on security missions as Security Project Analyst (managing the project A to Z: from meeting with the customer to the end result), reinforcement of security policies and on audits (technical and organizational). The missions vary in length (long missions possible).
In parallel, you work and innovate in the Labs (In-house creation tools, response to specific issues, personal projects in agreement with the Head of Labs).

From an engineering school or with an university education, you have minimum 2 years of experience in security and related topics (system, network, application domain, legal aspects).

You are independent, have writing skills and a transverse technical background allowing you to measure the impact of security requirements on the whole information system, the organizational and technological process: OS, directories, network architectures, operational aspects...

The ability to provide consultancy and engineering to our customers and at the same time to work in SecuLabs’ internal structure on innovative solution requires the ability and organization-skills to follow several projects at the same time.
You will be involved in a methodological context that guarantees the quality of our services.

Essential skills: awareness, autonomy, team spirit, good writing skills, capacity of synthesis.
You have the Swiss citizenship or a valid work permit.

If you are eager to work as a team within complex and technical environments, send us your application quickly !